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    MEDIC Training Solutions in Pitkin, Louisiana specializes in quality, 

    low-stress EMS and medical education customized to fit your agency's needs. We offer AHA certification courses, initial and continuing EMS education such as EMR and EMT classes, EMT and Paramedic refreshers, and train-the-trainer courses. Our Volunteer Survival workshops provide skill-builder modules and management tools tailored to low volume EMS systems, designed to help keep your volunteer organization not only clinically up-to-date, but financially viable as well.

    Owners Kelly Grayson and Nancy Magee bring a strong national reputation and a combined 50 years of successful EMS, management and marketing experience to the table.

    About Our Medical Education Services

    Course Categories

        National Continued Competency Requirements are revised every 4 years, based upon practice surveys and changes in medical theory and practice. The topic revision embraces...
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    7 Courses


    10 Courses


    7 Courses
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    8 Courses
    Local continued competency requirements are intended to be a "big bucket" of topic offerings, allowing state and local EMS regulatory agencies maximum flexibility in continuing...
    Individual continued competency requirements are intended to allow maximum flexibility to EMS providers choosing continuing education offerings. If you feel you are weak in any...